Hands Off Our Land: Housing estates will not be ‘plonked’ next to villages, pledges David Cameron

Sprawling housing estates will not be “plonked” on the edge of villages against the opposition of local people under planning reforms, David Cameron has said.

Hands off WInchfield Countryside

campaign to protect countryside

The Prime Minster suggested that the new planning rules which will fast-track planning decisions would be limited to schemes of fewer than 30 homes to avoid creating more urban sprawl. “Our reforms will make it easier for communities to say ‘we are not going to have big plonking housing estate landing next to the village, but we would like 10, 20, 30 extra houses and we would like them built in this way, to be built for local people’.”

Campaigners welcomed the comments on planning reforms but expressed concern that they were not reflected in the planning reforms.


Fiona Howie, head of planning for the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said: “We are concerned, that his strength of feeling has not been reflected in the planning reforms to date. What the prime minister and his colleagues seems to have overlooked is the importance of, and need to protect, undesignated countryside. Nationally, more than half of our countryside is not protected by designations and will face similar threats.”

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