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Have you completed your questionnaire?

Have you completed your questionnaire?

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Hart District has now launched a new Housing Consultation to replace the Consultation which it abandoned on 14 January because of “mistakes in the documents”.

The new Consultation is almost exactly the same as the first one, the only difference being in the list of settlements which are included in Approach 1 (Dispersal Approach). In our view the new Consultation suffers from all the many failings of the first one: it is complicated, it is very biased towards a New Town, and both Questions 4 and 5 force you to prioritise Greenfield Approaches without giving you the option to say that you think a Brownfield strategy could satisfy the vast majority of Hart’s housing need.

But however poor the new Consultation it is still vital that we all respond to it as soon as possible, and certainly before the closing date of 18 March.

If you responded to the old Consultation then you can instruct Hart to use your previous response by filling in the form you will findhermes belt

If you didn’t respond to the old Consultation then you need to fill in the questionnaire that you will find birkin hermes . Just to remind you in Question 4 we recommend that Approach 1 is Priority 1, Approach 2 is Priority 2 and Approach 3 is Priority 3. In Question 5 we recommend that Approach 4 is Priority 1. The priorities of the remaining Approaches is not important.

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Do we need a new school in Hart?Photo Credit: hermes wallet via hermes outlet bag hermes bags sale

You may have hard a lot about how the existing infrastructure in Hart will not support piecemeal development. You will also have heard a lot about how brownfield development does not provide money for additional infrastructure.

None of that is strictly accurate.

Let me look, for example, at education.

The statement was made that ‘A minimum 5000 houses are needed to support a new secondary school.’ This is a misinterpretation of the policy.

Schools are built according to Hampshire County Council education policies and they do not state a minimum number of children needed to build a school. What they do state is the number of children a development will add into the school system (0.3 children for primary schools and 0.21 children for secondary). They also state the amount of financial contribution developers will need to provide towards the creation of a new school. For primary schools this ranges from £5.78M to £11.66M depending on the number of forms a school will have. For secondary schools this ranges from £21.3M to £38.38M depending on the number of forms.

But nowhere does it say that all the pupils and all the development money should come from a single development!

In fact Hart District Council have already contracted to receive £5,100,000 for secondary schools and £7,900,000 for secondary school education in the area from the Crookham Park development alone. That would certainly go some way towards expanding, say, Calthorpe Park School into the old leisure centre (A leisure centre which, by the way, has been made obsolete by the funding of a new leisure centre opposite which came from a £7m contribution provided by the developer at Edenbrook). Curious minds would certainly like to know what Hart District Council have done with a lot of that money. Some of it was used to fund the primary school in Crookham Park, but repeated enquiries to a particularly vocal new town-supporting member of Hart District Council (and recently resigned member of Fleet Town Council) have elicited no response.

Every single development – whether urban extension, ribbon development or similar – will provide monies into the infrastructure fund for Hart. (The exception to this is for developments smaller than 7 houses which are exempt.)

Developers are subject to either an s106 charge for infrastructure or a Community Infrastructure Levy which provides money for Hart Council to use for infrastructure development anywhere in the district. Nowhere in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 does it state the level of contribution that a developer must make under s106. If Hart council are not getting the infrastructure they need from local development it is because they are not using the s106 regulations to their advantage.

This does rather beg the question of why Hart DC are so hell-bent on putting a new town in the district, having stated quite openly at council meetings (November 2014, for example) that they want the new town to provide a secondary school. Hart DC are not responsible for schools, Hampshire County Council are. Hart DC also do not need 5000 houses in a single development to trigger the construction of a school although 5000 new houses will give enough pupils to bolster the case for one.

But the key issue that has not been addressed by Hart DC (as with the underlying basis for a new town) is that the figures do not support it. Hart maintain that they have a shortage of school places. However the statistical figures which support this hermes wallet for women .

Hampshire County Council have only planned school places up to 2018.  This shows a  9% surplus of  secondary school places:

The same document also forecasts a fall in the birth rate across Hampshire (individual forecasts for Hart District are not available). This will reduce future pressure on secondary school places

In addition to this Hart is currently providing schooling for 11% of pupils from outside Hart who are coming in on a daily basis.

Surely the ‘need’ for a new school will decrease if they allocate Hart places to Hart school children, thereby increasing the 9% surplus that will exist. On top of that demand is falling and the birth rate is decreasing.

One could question the whole motivation for a new town if it was primarily to support a new school.

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One of our Facebook friends has forwarded the information below regarding a free webinar on the effects of the NPPF policy on brownfield development.

See the Red bottoms sandals sale authentic , along with details of how to register.

Thanks, Belinda, for this information!

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Steve Forster - an avid proponent of a new town in Winchfied - outside the Harlington Centre

Council tax hike of 80% for Fleet residents to fund plans for new Harlington theatre.

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Steve Forster – a proponent of building 5000 new houses in Winchfield – is against raising the council tax to pay for this.

I think I’m correct in saying that with a proper neighbourhood plan in place for Fleet, brownfield development in the town would attract infrastructure funding that would go some way towards paying for the new Harlington Centre.

(Is that an irony klaxon I can hear in the background?)


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One of the comments  Hart District Council made in the preparation for the local plan was that Winchfield would be an ideal location for a new town because “the railway station is under-utilised”.

This caused a great deal of consternation amongst those members of the public who struggle to find a parking space and a seat during the morning commute.

In a recent entry on Facebook, David Turver of We Heart Hart posted a Prada belt sale shop showing not a single spare parking space. One of the comments posted in response to that was “The fact that the car park is full does not mean that the “under-utilised” tag is incorrect or inappropriate. [ ...] It simply means the car park is not big enough”.

Fair comment.

So I wanted to understand whether Winchfield is under-utilised or whether Hart DC (and others) are missing the point.

What does under-utilised mean?

The first thing to do is to determine what we mean by ‘under-utilised’. The Oxford Dictionary says :

Definition of underuse in English:

Pronunciation: /ʌndəˈjuːs/
Insufficient use:
underuse of existing services

So the key question we need to ask ourselves is ‘Are we sufficiently using the services provided by Southwest Trains at Winchfield?’

The short answer is ‘No’. If we take the service provided as a whole we find that between the end of the morning rush hour and the start of the evening rush hour there are numerous trains which stop at Winchfield and take on fewer than about 6 people at a time. There is always seating available and the amount of traffic using the service could increase significantly without any adverse affect.

What about the rush hour?

The rush hour, however, is a different matter. During the morning and evening rush hour the number of commuters frequently exceeds the available capacity of the service. Anyone trying to find a seat after, say, 7.30am will usually end of standing or leaning in the carriages. By the definition used above we can certainly say that Winchfield is not underutilised.

So is the car park too small or is there another issue?

Looking at the station usage as an overall service it is fair to say that there is the room for additional capacity in Winchfield. Any new development would be able to take advantage of seats on the trains after the rush hour has finished.

But given that Hart DC’s Prada shoulder replica 2015 indicate that the number of rail commuters in Winchfield is 9%, and the number of people expected to occupy 5000 dwellings is 15,000 (approx.) we can expect an additional 1350 people trying to board the same number of trains at Winchfield in the morning. Remember Network Rail have said that they have no plans to increase the platform length at Winchfield, nor to introduce Prada womens replica official . Some additional capacity may be gained by altering timetables during the rush hour but this will affect both the stations below Winchfield on the line and the impact will be negated somewhat.

Therefore the issue of whether the car park is too small can categorically be answered with a ‘Yes’.  Winchfield needs more parking. But whether this additional parking will alleviate the suffering of commuters during the morning such hour or not, the answer is an unequivocal ‘No’: Winchfield – for all intents and purposes as a ‘commuter railway station’ – is most certainly not under-utilised.


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No Support for Hart DC

Thanks to WeHeartHart for the image

After the recent decision to cancel the Local Plan Consultation Hart District Council has been left with quite a bit of egg on its face.

Not only did they, apparently, have lax control processes surrounding their management of the consultation, they never spotted the issue until We Heart Hart Prada crossbody online 2015

Material differences between on-line and written documentation (probably caused by changes during the consultation itself) have meant that the consultation had to be abandoned. WAG have it on good authority that there was a legal aspect to this which forced the council’s hand, somewhat.

But this does beg the question of who is to blame and what needs to be done about it?

As we posted recently:

The joint chief executive of Hart DC (who, I presume, would have to at least be aware of such a decision) was on holiday when this occurred. Neither the leader of the council, nor the Local Plan Steering Group (LPSG) is making any comments about liability.

The fact of the matter is that this consultation has cost a great deal. It has cost Hart DC (and – by extension – Hart residents) money to prepare, advertise and ‘manage’. It has cost respondents time in wading through the badly designed, biased document and it has cost Hart DC a great deal in managing what little reputation it has remaining.

Let’s not forget that even if we discount the debacle that is the Local Plan consultation process we also have a council which has stated that their preference is for a new town in Winchfield. It has publicised this in the 2015 Summer/Autumn Hart News, which it sent out to ALL Hart residents. If this isn’t biasing the populace towards one answer I don’t know what is.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee are currently reviewing the steps and decisions which led to the consultation being abandoned. Should they find any evidence of incompetence or, even worse, malicious intent, WAG would expect that certain members of the council will be asked to stand down.

We wait and see.


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