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The questionnaire results are out.

The questionnaire results are out.

Hart District Council has released the hermes handbags designer which they carried out earlier this year.

Under its mandate to be more transparent they have released both a hermes wallet for women as well as the full details for each question. (Note that these responses relate to the second consultation which was run in March of this year, NOT the initial consultation which they abandoned 24 hours prior to the closing date)

A cursory glance at the 264 page document which lists all the answers supplied for Question 4 of the consultation “Of the 3 possible approaches that could deliver new homes in Hart, which one should we prioritise to deliver the majority of our housing needs? Please provide further comments below” indicates that opinion is split evenly between those who think Winchfield is the ideal location and those we believe that Winchfield should not. As usual there is a lot of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about what is being proposed and what could be provided A frequent comment made in the responses relates to the provision of adequate infrastructure. This is mentioned in relation both to the Winchfield proposal AND to other proposals. Several supporters of the Winchfield New Town have stated that this option would provide the most infrastructure, however as we know this is not a given (“Winchfield has the necessary existing infrastructure of major road and rail to support a new development,Fleet has not!”). We also know that Hart Council has an infrastructure funding deficit which will only increase if Winchfield is chosen as the new option. Mention is also made in many comments about the need for a secondary school. As we have already mentioned hermes bags sale and on hermes sale replica , the provision of secondary schools is a county council matter not a district council matter. Schools are built according to the need NOT according to the size of a single development. In addition they’re usually built AFTER development has occurred and not as part of a development.

One positive point to bear in mind is that with the announcement of Pystock as a brownfield development for housing rather than commercial usage, the additional 1700 houses coming from that project will virtually remove the need for a new town in Winchfield.

If you have several hours free please have a look at the hermes birkin sale . A lot of the comments make interesting (if misinformed) reading.


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Greenfield land

We have particular concerns about  the risk that developers will delay developing brownfield sites because local authorities will be required to release more profitable greenfield sites if insufficient housing is delivered to meet local needs

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Hopefully with the announcement that Hart District Council have been involved with helping promote the 1500 dwelling site at Pystock, and the fact that they are now planning to launch a study to give a strategic overview of the brownfield capacity in the District, this is not something we will see here.




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The Parish Council letterFor those of you who live in Winchfield (and for those of you who are interested in this but don’t live in Winchfield) here is a quick progress report regarding the Winchfield neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

The committee working on the NDP have created their pre-submission version of the plan. This means that they have followed the process to such a point that they have a completed document which is ready for a wider review.

This review is known as the pre-submission consultation. A letter regarding this was distributed to all Winchfield residents on Friday (Copy above)

At this point in the process the document needs a review with comments from residents and interested parties.Once these comments have been received they will be incorporated into the document and this will then be submitted to the next step in the process.

Now that Hart District Council’s second Local Plan consultation is complete (and we await the outcome of that with bated breath), we would like to ask you to do the following:

  1. Click on Red bottoms wedding online shop to go to the on-line version of the document.
  2. Review the contents and make any comments, positive or negative, to the Winchfield Parish Council.
  3. Any representation you wish to make must be in writing and sent to the parish clerk at either the address on the top of the letter above or by email to [email protected] All comments must be received by midnight April 29, 2016.

If you don’t want to have to read through the document on your computer there are hard copies (beautifully designed and printed, if I may say so) at The Winchfield Inn, The Barley Mow and Winchfield Parish Hall.

This is an important document for Winchfield. It will control how development is managed within the parish and will be a legally binding document that developers will have to abide by when making planning applications. It covers items such as dwelling density, parking spaces, garden space, style of houses, maximum height of buildings and numerous other conditions that must be met before a development can begin. It applies to large-scale development, medium-scale development and even down to an individual building his or her own house in an in-fill gap in the village.

It is vitally important that residents of the parish are aware of and comfortable with this document as they will be asked to vote in a referendum to adopt it later in the year.

We would encourage you to take a few hours to read through the document and send in your thoughts.


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One of our members – Bill Fraser – has family that live in Western Canada and often come and visit Winchfield.

On hearing the council’s plans to over-develop Winchfield by adding 5000 houses in a new town Bill’s brother, John, felt compelled to put his thoughts down for everyone to see.

I reproduce them here with permission:


Our family live in British Columbia, Canada, but have often visited relatives in Winchfield.

Perhaps unsurprisingly from our viewpoint it seems that the south of England is over populated and overbuilt already! But it also makes us wonder if the need for yet more housing has been lost in the larger picture.

London and the surrounding area (like Vancouver B.C.) requires affordable housing. However in British Columbia there is an what is called an “Agricultural Land Reserve” (ALR) that surrounds Vancouver. The ALR is land that has been set aside as farm or potential farmland, and because of its value to food production, no other use is permitted – housing developments included. The result has been that over the years despite growing rapidly Vancouver has been unable to expand outwards. Instead it has has solved the problem by building vertically, leading to an iconic skyline of tall buildings.

The options in the local plan submission appear to presuppose a need to build in rural areas. It doesn’t open the other debate over whether this area has more value as rural farmland. It also seems to ignore the larger question of whether London and other large municipalities should themselves increase housing density within their jurisdiction instead of offloading the responsibility to surrounding areas.

Creating new high density housing in a rural area is more than a planning issue, it is a social, economic and environmental experiment. The negative consequences may not be realised until years or decades have passed at which time it is too late to turn back. Basically to an outsider this is a poor idea, and has the appearance of short term development profits being allowed to overrule good sense or the desires of local residents. The developer having built will move on, but the community unfortunately will have to live with the results into perpetuity.

If local housing is required, then it should be confined to established urban areas. Commuting distances in Britain are short, and needed infrastructure already exists in larger centres. There is no need to build out into the surrounding rural areas making bedroom communities. This is the mistake still made in too many North American cities. The difference being that there is a lot more real estate here. English cities are well equipped to deal with the impacts that follow increases in population. Not so much the rural areas.

As a bystander, it is easy to imagine this is a worry for local people. This is not a proposal to build one or two houses – and despite the plan to build in stages, it is not organic growth. This is a mega project that will alter the character and nature of local communities forever, and probably not for the better. Radical changes are seldom without problems, and this appears to be radical change with little upside, but a huge potential for unforeseen pitfalls on every level, from social issues to an expectation of insufficient services. Development is usually done at the lowest cost to the developer.

If there is strong local opposition to this plan, that opposition has to be listened to.
By going ahead when a community is totally against development requires more than planning permission, it also requires social license. From the amount of push back from the community, it appears that license is missing.

We hope that good sense prevails.

Our thanks to john for taking the time to pen those relevant thoughts.

As a reminder: The new Consultation closes on Mar 18th and it is vital that we all respond to it as soon as possible, and certainly before the closing date..

If you responded to the old Consultation then you can instruct Hart to use your previous response by filling in the form you will find Red bottoms boots outlet authentic

If you didn’t respond to the old Consultation then you need to fill in the questionnaire that you will find Christian Louboutin sandals replica shop . Just to remind you in Question 4 we recommend that Approach 1 is Priority 1, Approach 2 is Priority 2 and Approach 3 is Priority 3. In Question 5 we recommend that Approach 4 is Priority 1. The priorities of the remaining Approaches is not important.


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If we were to accept that Rushmoor and Surrey Heath will only be able to accommodate half their housing need, Hart could be looking at four new settlements of 5,000 homes or one of 20,000 homes. A single ‘garden community’ would be futile. All three authorities need to work together to maximise brownfield development and sustainability to prevent a nightmare scenario.

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Our good friends at the Campaign to Protect Rural England have come out strongly against the proposal of a new town in Winchfield. They quote statistics – which we agree with – indicating that Hart is basing its housing requirements on inaccurate, incorrect and outdated figures.

They have even commissioned a report “Red bottoms pumps sale cheap ” which you can download and read.

Incidentally the inaccurate figures were identified several months ago by an independent planning consultant and described in several posts on the We Heart Hart website, so these revelations are not new to us.

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In discussions WAG have had with members of the community there does seem to be something of a split of opinion. The large majority of Winchfield residents appear to be against a new development of 5000 houses – although there are some who are in favour. Outside of Winchfield opinions tend to fall into one of two camps:

1) I think this is a stupid idea, but the council are going to build it anyway so why object?
2) I have no opinion about a new town or am not aware of it.

Naturally there are also those who are fervently in favour of a new town, although most of these people tend to be of the ‘Anywhere but here’ brigade rather than having carefully thought out views and opinions.

We thought it was appropriate at this point to let everyone out in Hart District know one incontrovertible truth: A new town in Winchfield is not a foregone conclusion.

Let me repeat that:

A new town in Winchfield is not a foregone conclusion.

Let me explain why:

The case for a new town is not proven

The logic for the development is flawed: We have said all along that the case for a new town is driven by flawed logic. In council meetings which we attended members of the council (both elected and non elected) repeated the statement that the reason they wanted a new town is so that a Prada wallets replica fake would be built. It was stated that 5000 houses in a single location were needed to warrant this. This is factually misleading because a) Construction of schools is something that Hampshire County Council deal with not Hart District Council. B) Hampshire County Council members have stated in public meetings that they build schools ‘when the need is there’. This need can come from 1000 developments of 5 houses or 1 development of 5000 houses.
The sites are not there: Despite trumpeting the fact that the SHLA maps show large tracts of land around Winchfield that could be used for building Hart Council’s own data indicate that all of these sites are currently not developable. On top of that Hart instigated a testing programme over 14 months ago to test these sights and determine whether they would be suitable for development. The results of this strategically important testing are not in, yet. This is despite the fact that it is the underlying piece of data which supports the whole new town project.
Hart Council said it wasn’t a viable solution: Prada clutch outlet store Hart District Council stated that they believe that residents’ interests are best served by continuing with its current strategy of spreading growth across the district coupled with new and improved infrastructure targeted to serve local communities. They also stated that A new settlement option would need to be supported by a significant groundswell of opinion. WAG is certainly not seeing that groundswell of opinion.

The figures don’t add up

The Duty To Cooperate: Hart is fixating on 5000 houses for reasons stated above. But it is also using 5000 houses as a means of enabling it to achieve its ‘duty to cooperate’. (As a brief reminder: Hart, Rushmoor and Surrey Heath are bundled together into a single Housing Market Area (HMA). Figures have been created to identify the housing need across the whole HMA. If one district within that area is unable to take its share of the housing the others have a duty to try and accommodate that shortfall in their district.) At the moment the Prada womens online cheap . Hart has a duty to try and accommodate that housing. Currently we cannot accommodate that shortfall. However, if we allocate development land for a new town we will easily have enough room to take the shortfall. So Hart is pushing a new town to support housing overflow that it would not have to take if it didn’t build a new town!
The SHMA is based on outdated information: The figures I mention above related to the HMA are known as the SHMA (Strategic Housing Market Area) numbers.  A third party consultancy called Wessex Consulting produces these numbers. Wessex have used commercially available statistics, census data, and government forecasts to determine what the population is expected to be in 16 years time. From this they have extrapolated the additional housing need. This has formed the basis of the figures that Hart have said they need to build. Unfortunately there are several flaws in the calculations Wessex Consulting have made. For a start they used a set of forecast figures which from 2011 as a basis for their calculations. The government has since produced an updated set of figures which are substantially lower. We believe that if these were used as a basis for the calculations Prada bags sale price . Secondly they have produced a forecast which assumes a rate of growth in the district higher than any experienced in the boom years before the global economic collapse of 2008. Rushmoor Council understand this issue and have chosen to pause their Local Plan work until the new figures are produced. It is anticipated that this will be after the local elections in May.

There are alternative solutions

Brownfield sites: The government is pushing brownfield development as a primary source of hosting in the country. Hart District Council have not identified the Prada evening online discounts . As a result they are not including brownfield developments as a way of reducing the number of dwellings that need to be built. They know that there are brownfield sites, they just don’t know how many dwellings these sites will produce. At one point they were of the opinion that we could build 1800 dwellings on brownfield in the district. Suddenly – when the consultation came out – that figure dropped by 75% with no substantiating data. Until they know this figure for sure we cannot be certain what the ‘greenfield’ housing need is

The finances don’t add up

For sure there are people in the district who will tell you that ’We cannot keep building piecemeal in Hart without the supporting infrastructure’. They will tell you (incorrectly) that brownfield development will not provide infrastructure monies to Hart. They will tell you that only a new town of 5000 houses will build the schools, the roads, the Prada crossbody replica cheap that we need. But the simple fact of the matter is that the underlying figures do not support this. Hart District Council already has a £78m infrastructure funding gap. Developer contributions will only go some way to covering the costs of related infrastructure. The shortfall will have to be funded by government grants, Country Council grants or council tax increases. Given that Hampshire Country Council has a large budget deficit and is looking to cut costs, which funding source do you think will be more easily tapped to bridge the estimated £100m infrastructure gap? Central government or an increase in council tax. One Hart councillor is already on record as saying they don’t want to have to put taxes up to pay for this. But we suspect what the council wants and what the council needs are not always aligned.


If you go back and review the points I have made above you will see that we have an interesting situation. Hart Council is trying to push a solution which has shaky underlying data, lacks specifics on brownfield capacity, caters for housing outside the district when it doesn’t need to, and will result in a significant funding shortfall that the local taxpayers may need to help bridge.

When this version of the Local Plan goes to the inspector there will be ample opportunity for these points to be highlighted and discussed in detail. It is fully within the remit of the inspector to throw out this plan – as he did the previous one – and insist that hart go back to the drawing board with another solution. Hopefully by then the new HMA figures will indicate that the hosting need is lower and the requirement for a new town will disappear. Winchfield will also by then have its own Neighbourhood Development Plan in place. This will manage development in the area in the upcoming plan period. We will gladly accept the development that is dues to us at that point and ensure it is designed in such a way to minimise impact and maintain the rural look and feel of the parish.

The Local Plan Consultation is still open

If this has served to make you a little more comfortable with the fact that this is not a foregone conclusion we would ask that you ensure your voice is heard on the Prada messenger sale discounts . If you filled a questionnaire in on the aborted consultation over Christmas and left an email address, you can use the same answers as before by letting the council know you wish to do this. If you filled one in without leaving your email address could we ask you to fill another one in, please? If you didn’t fill one in because you felt it was a hopeless situation I would like to believe that this post has given you some hope and that you will now take a few moments to fill one in. Visit the Prada shoulder outlet discounts for more information.

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